Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice, it´s the bridge you create between movement, breath and your spirit to find the union within yourself.

Vinyasa Yoga

is where movement and breath are linked together leading to “flow consciousness,” continuous conscious awareness of the present moment. So although we are moving in the body, the mind is still and centered around the breath. I like to say we are tricking the mind by putting our focus on linking the breath to the movement of the body. This becomes a moving meditation where the breath is in control instead of our minds for a nice change!

Yin Yoga

is a slower moving class with longer holds to release tension and remove blockages you´re holding in your body.

This meditative practice brings you deeply into your body by accessing deeper layers of fascia to let the energy in your body flow freely.

Most Asanas are seated and will be hold between 2-8 minutes.